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Farmers, traditional no more!!

While a section of farmers are protesting against the recent Farm Act passed by the Parliament of India in September 2020, some have focused on trying to be innovative with the support of a Pune based startup, named AgriVijay.

AgriVijay is helping famers move away from traditional sources of energy and adopt renewable alternatives for their energy needs. Along with innumerous renewable energy products and services, the farmers are also provided and educated about latest technological innovations in Agritech space, which not only increases their produce or yield but also helps reducing their expenses and dependency on fossil fuels, thereby shooting up their savings. Such innovative solutions are truly making Indian farmers ‘Future Ready’.

Could this be another revolution in the making, only time will tell but ventures like AgriVijay paint a very promising picture for the farmers and in turn for the country.

The farmers are skilled to become both producer and consumer of renewable energy. With solar energy and bio gas products plus services, readily available, the farmers are being more independent with respect to their energy needs and positively contributing towards a cleaner environment.

Many farmers who were earlier paying heavily for their fuel costs have reported significant reduction in their expenses post switching to solar water pumps. Similarly dairy farmers who were earlier dependent on diesel generators for running their machines hugely benefited from the solar inverter solutions made available to them. The biogas digester has enabled them get rid of the firewood. The biogas organic liquid slurry with efficient use of water in irrigation has done wonders with respect to the soil health, retention of nutrients and increased yield. Also the expenses in such cases reduced by more than half which directly resulted in substantial savings for these farmers.

For instance, a solar water pump or a Biogas Genset can be a replacement for diesel and provides uninterrupted free power, unlike electricity which faces outages in rural areas. This assists farmers who grow perishables like flowers, vegetables or fruits. And there are several other innovative ways in which farmers are benefitted and which improve their livelihood.

With the mission of ‘Empowering Farmers for Tomorrow’, AgriVijay was founded by a mother son duo in June 2020. Being an Agribusiness graduate, Founder & CEO Vimal Panjwani is very passionate to work with farmers and serving them. Shobha Chanchlani, Vimal’s mother and co-founder of AgriVijay, is also an awardee in nation building. Their vision is to help and server farmer community while implementing environment friendly measures.

The decade of 2020-2030 is claimed to be the decade of renewable energy and it is imperative for the farmers to advance their methods and startups like AgriVijay can create a huge impact. Growing adoption of renewable energy products is definitely a step in the right direction.

Signing off now, stay tuned for similar information about events, which gives us hope of a better world for our future generations. See you all in our next episode.

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