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Birdman’s nest

How many of us will go out of our way to feed an animal or a little bird on a street. What if we were asked to make extra effort to feed 50 birds each day along with our routine jobs.

Now, can you imagine feeding 6000 birds, twice a day, out of your own pocket, for the next 15 years. Unthinkable!!! Isn’t it.

Mr. Joseph Sekar from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, unimaginably, has been performing this selfless deed from almost the past one and a half decade. Joseph is spending around 40% of his income from a small camera repair shop that he owns.

This beautiful journey of his started from a huge disaster though. In 2004, when Chennai was hit by one of the deadliest tsunami of all times, which not only killed thousands but also displaced humans and animals away from their shelters in equal numbers, even the birds were not spared. On that morning Joseph noticed a couple of birds on his terrace and fed them some rice. Two birds brought ten more, which in turn brought fifty. And in no time it started multiplying into hundreds and thousands. Which only motivated Joseph to put more effort in keeping pace with the exponential rise in number of visitors.

Along with feeding them, he also nurses the injured birds. He considers himself as a parent to these birds. No wonder he thinks there is no joy more than seeing them fly. His life revolves around these birds and he never leaves his house because he feeds them twice a day, morning and evening. He is renting the place and dreams of buying the same house some day so he can feed the birds for the rest of his life.

From waking up at 4 AM, getting rice from the market, cooking it and setting it up on the terrace for the birds who start visiting around 6AM and then repeating the same process in the evening post his day at the shop, Joseph has put in tremendous amount of love in feeding these birds. He says feeding the birds makes him very happy and he loves doing what he does.

What a spectacular sight it must be to see thousands of birds flying on a single roof of a tiny house. The neighbors report that many passers by stop and witness the beauty for hours. This tiny house has attracted many tourists in Chennai and many offers of generous donations. But Joseph has politely refused all the cash saying he doesn’t want to take any loan or donation to feed his own children. True love, one would say. Because no matter how much effort he puts in or how much money he spends, most of the times this is a thankless job.

During the covid lockdown too he has managed to make the ends meet with the help of other good samaritans. The generosity of Joseph truly sets an example for the entire mankind and shows how all species can flourish together on this planet Earth, our only home.

Signing off now, stay tuned for similar information about events, which gives us hope of a better world for our future generations. See you all in our next episode.

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