Postman in Coonoor walked the earth’s circumference

Postman in Coonoor walked the earth's circumference

Talk about taking your job seriously and taking pride in serving your customers. You must have also heard the saying, walking miles before you sleep. A postman, quite literally did that for 10 years straight. For a decade, he walked 15 kilometres daily to deliver mails to the remotest locations possible. Postman D Sivan, from Coonoor, Tamil Nadu has walked almost 50000 kilometres over the years, which conveniently beats the Earth’s circumference which is roughly 42000 kilometres long. Hence it wouldn’t be inappropriate to say that this postman indeed scaled the planet Earth’s circumference on his foot.

35 years of service

D. Sivan joined Wellington Post Office of Indian Postal Service in the year 1985 and took the concept of last mile delivery to an altogether different level. For the first 25 years, he sold stamps at the post office while in the last 10 years of his service, he was promoted as a postman. Before retiring on 7th March 2020, he braved the dense forest and made friends with several wild animals on his route to the village. As if that was not enough, he has trekked the most unforgiving terrain while performing his duty.

Sivan took great pride in serving the people of the village and delivered mails with the highest sense of responsibility. So much so, that if the recipients were not available at home, as it would happen from time to time, he tracked them down and handed over the letters in their hands. Along with wedding cards and birthday wishes, he used to deliver important bank documents and pension money on regular basis, which was a matter of survival for many villagers.

IAS Supriya Sahu, Principal Secretary and CEO Tamil Nadu Tea Federation also praised Sivan for his utmost dedication. Once her tweet went viral, Dabur India took notice and ran a campaign to showcase Sivan’s story. In the video by Dabur, Sivan can be seen sharing his experience and his trick to keeping fit.

Adventures of Sivan

Sivan enthusiastically walked over the rocks, down the slopes and up the hills with his bag of mails. He crossed slippery streams, stretched pitch dark tunnels and risky railway tracks to fulfil his duty, but never complained. On daily basis he encountered several wild animals on his adventurous trail through the forest. But for him, it was business as usual to spot elephants, bison, bears and more. He would jovially wave and greet them good morning. Over the time even the animals became familiar with his presence and would sometimes nod to him in a friendly manner.

Postman in Coonoor walked the earth's circumference. Sivan walking on the railway track towards the village

What kept him going was the desire to serve people and their appreciation in return furthered his cause. Their gratitude would fill Sivan’s heart with joy. It is indeed true that not every superhero wears a cape. We salute the mountainous efforts of Sivan and wish him a happy and peaceful retirement life. Imagine all the citizens discharging their duties with even half the dedication displayed by Sivan. It would definitely do wonders for the country having such a workforce by her side.

Signing off now, stay tuned for similar information about events, which gives us hope of a better world for our future generations. See you all in our next episode.

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