Gift of sight

When he opened his eyes, post the surgery, after 10 years of blindness, he was miraculously able to recognize his family members and was able to read again.

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One can only imagine the emotions running through everybody including the family members, the doctors, the nurses and most importantly the patient himself.

Prof. Irit Bahar and Dr. Gilad Litvin, together with the patient Jamal and his daughter

A surgical procedure performed on 3rd Jan 2021, by Prof Irit Bahar, head of ophthalmology department at Beilinson Hospital, Israel, ended a decade long corneal blindness for 78 year old Jamal.

Corneal transplant procedures have been performed in the past too, but in a conventional corneal transplant, a damaged or diseased cornea is replaced by a donated cornea tissue. But what makes the current event as first of its kind success story is that there was no requirement of a donor tissue in this case. An absolutely synthetic cornea, CorNeat KPro, developed by corneat Vision, which completely integrates with the eye wall, was successfully implanted in the patient.

How cool is that!!

Prof Irit, who performed the surgery in under an hour, described the moment when bandages were removed from Jamal’s eyes as very emotional. She further adds

The surgical procedure was straight forward and the result exceeded all of our expectations. Moments like these are the fulfillment of our calling as doctors

Major advantages of CorNeat KPro over conventional corneal transplant are the wide field of view of the implant, faster healing process, relatively simple 45 minutes operation, affordable price and the implant being safe from any infectious agent including COVID-19.

According to WHO, an estimated 2 million cases of corneal blindness are reported each year. As the conventional cornea transplants is possible only when a donor is available, the shortage of cornea is pegged at 1 cornea available against 70 needed.

Undoubtedly, KPro can be a long term solution to corneal blindness. It is truly scalable as it is faster to implant and does not rely on donor tissues.

Thanks to the amazing breakthrough that medical science has achieved with CorNeat KPro, millions around the world can hope to get the precious gift of sight again. Biotechnology has shown us the glimpse of future and proved that nothing is impossible.

Signing off now, stay tuned for similar information about events, which gives us hope of a better world for our future generations. See you all in our next episode.


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